Flycut (Clipboard manager) App Reviews

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Great app

I’ve got so used to this app, that this is now like a OSX native feature, I use it in daily basis, really handy!

Very Cool!!!

Works well. Easy to use. Love it!!!

Good job picking up where Jumpcut left off

One thing that would be a nice addtion: Clipboard blacklist - ignore items from a configurable list of apps - eg. Password Managers

A Must

I absolutely love Flycut and dont think I could work on a Mac without it anymore. My ONLY complaint is that itd be nice to be able to specify the location of the Dropbox sync folder for those that like to keep their Dropbox organized.

Great app

Great app! I would love to see a two finger swipe when in shift-apple-v mode, to swipe between clips (with perhaps a quick view scroll to visually identify the clip in the header)

Almost perfect

Love this thing. Has keyboard shortcuts and clip navigation with nice looking dialog. I do wish I could exclude apps though (ie: password manager).


Absolutely great. I hope you continue development on this. It’s been a while. Just don’t want this to be incompatible with a future OSX. Some suggestions: -add an option to use a system preferences icon instead of the menubar. I don’t like excessive things in my menu bar. -option for bezel to auto-resize according to data in the clipboard (up to a point I guess). It’d be nice if it could fill the screen if possible or maybe leave it as is and add ability to scroll down to see the entire clipboard entry if it’s really long. Thanks!

Menu selection pastes?

Works pretty well, but it would be good to work with the clips. Possible that the “Menu selection pastes” in the Preferences might help, but if so, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Would actually prefer being able to manipulate the clips, including deletion without wiping all of them and sorting.

need more than 99 history


Good application

Good app, but lacks the ability to see the list of cuts in the popup menu. So to choose some option in the middle user should iterate through cuts to find it.

Almost the best

Please add popup window with full history list.


pleace add search by hotkey (or maybe at Spotlight)


Nice and simple, it works great. OSX look and feel. I cannot live without it. Used in 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and now in 10.9; I had no problems upgrading.

Should be a native feature!

One of the best utilities. Sometimes I forget its not a native feature.

Light, essential clipboard history menubar app

A simple menubar app that gives your clipboard an accessible history, allowing you to copy more than one thing at the same time (nice for avoiding excessive window-switching) or access previously cut/copied things (useful for when you forget and copy something else before you pasted it). While it presents itself as a coding utility, I think it’s useful for anyone, and has quickly become integral to most everything I do on my computer. If you do happen to code, it’s invaluable for when you (admit it) use your clipboard for rapid-fire version control, and need to revert. I’ve been using it daily for a couple years now, and couldn’t face going back to a defaut clipboard. I tried a couple of (mostly heavier) alternatives previously, and they never quite fit naturally into my workflow, but I use Flycut for a half-second at a time dozens of times a day, ultimately saving me hours of work by allowing me to fix my goofs quickly and avoid heavier archival methods for on-the-fly work. It’s absolutely essential to my day. Try it, and I think you’ll find the same.

This is nothing but a rip of opensource Jumpcut

This is a poor copy of the free software called Jumpcut. Just search for Jumpcut the net and you can find it. They didnt even bother to remove the word "Jumpcut" from the preference screen! And they are rude enough in the description of this app to make it sound like youre dumb if you ask about features that they didnt even create themselves in the first place. "Developed by developers for developers." I agree with that... just that theyre not the developers!!!

Hope its as good as Jumpcut!

I have been using Jumpcut for years, and Im finally switching to this just because Id prefer something managed by MAS. After a very brief look, it seems to work the same as Jumpcut, so I give it 5 stars! After just one day of using Jumpcut, I couldnt live without it! Before I had a clipboard manager, I would constantly copy text to the clipboard, only to lose it 5 seconds later when I copied something else! (In fact I did that just last night when I forgot I didnt have Jumpcut installed on my laptop - twice! Now I can just hit Ctrl-shift-V (customizable) instead of Ctrl-V and I get an unobtrusive popup/bezel in which I can keep hitting V (or up/down arrows) to search through my clipboard history - Never lose a clipped item again! And if you dont have Sticky Bezel turned on, the bezel hides and pastes the selected item (answering one of the complaints below.) I have tried all the free clipboard manager I could find on the MAS, and Jumpcut (and now Flycut) is by far the easiest to use and the most unobtrusive - all the others Ive tried required switching to the mouse and/or focussing on another window, but this absolutely does not disrupt my workflow AT ALL! As one reviewer stated, this is a ripoff of Jumpcut, and I kind of agree with him, but hey, Jumpcut hasnt been updated since 09 - I will definitely get Jumpcut if its ever available on here to show support for the original developer, even if I have to pay for it.

JumpCut made better

tl;dr: This app works well, and has made some improvements on JumpCut. Definitely worth it. Yes, its a fork of JumpCut. They openly tell you that in the description. Stop complaining about that. In looking at the SCM history, the submitter has done a bit of work on top of the old JumpCut source code, including support for keeping your clipboard across multiple machines (if you so choose, via DropBox). JumpCuts been abandoned since 2009, so my thanks go to the developer for keeping this alive.

Suggestion for fantastic software!!!

This software is quite awesome!! can you tie the mouse scroll wheel to the clips so when the window pops up (in sticky mode) and left click or click to execute the paste?? just a fun little suggestion..

Works fine

When trying to paste into Eclipse I just get the error beep and nothing happens. But I realised why: Eclipse does not respect my Dvorak with original modifiers setting. Love the paste-preview window especially.

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